March 6, 2013

Clear Bra Kits – 3M Paint Protection Film

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It's Wrap!

Clear bra kits is the leader in 3M Paint Protection Film products. We specialize in protection packages for Cars, Trucks, Van’s, SUV’s, RV’s  and motorcycles. If you would like to protect your vehicle from rock chips, stone damage, bugs, and other road hazards our clear bra kits can help. What makes our company different from the competition is quite simple. Here at our facility we are not just a wholesaler of paint protection film, we are also a full time installation shop. We install the same products that we sell on a daily basis. We have installed thousands of clear bra kits on numerous vehicles. We pride ourselves on live one on one consultations and urge all of our customers to call us (952) 540-7944 or email us prior to ordering a kit.

Paint Protection Film Coverage Areas

Some of the most common areas to protect would be the hood, fenders, mirrors, front bumper, headlights, rocker panels, roof a pillars, rear trunk etc. These areas have been prone to rock chips and other damage. We use state of the art software and graphtec plotters to cut all of our kits. We stock the largest films manufactured so if its a custom kit you are looking for just let us know. Our hood kits cover 18″ to 60″ our bumper kits are usually full wheel to wheel making us the most affordable clear bra kit wholesaler on the market with the best coverage.

Clear Bra Installation Tools

Our clear bra installation tools are the same ones we use on a daily basis. If you would like to install your own clear bra kit we highly recommend purchasing the squeegee, olfa knife and pump spray bottle. It make the installation a lot easier. We do offer the spray bottles to our customers however they are just regular home depot Zep spray bottles and recommend getting your own. If you don’t want the hassle we would be happy to sell you ours.

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What Customers Are Saying

“The typical bra you strap on can look tacky, stretch out and even worse, ruin your paint! I prefer a 3M Ventureshield paint protection film bra from Clear Bra Kits. I have applied the clear bra on pretty much every part of my car possible, which includes hood, headlights, roof, A-pillars and rear bumper. This is a great company to order from."


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