March 6, 2013

Clear Bra Kits – 3M Paint Protection Film

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It's Wrap!

Clear bra kits is the leader in 3M Paint Protection Film products. We specialize in protection packages for Cars, Trucks, Van’s, SUV’s, RV’s  and motorcycles. If you would like to protect your vehicle from rock chips, stone damage, bugs, and other road hazards our clear bra kits can help. What makes our company different from the competition is quite simple. Here at our facility we are not just a wholesaler of paint protection film, we are also a full time installation shop. We install the same products that we sell on a daily basis. We have installed thousands of clear bra kits on numerous vehicles. We pride ourselves on live one on one consultations and urge all of our customers to call us (952) 540-7944 or email us prior to ordering a kit.

Paint Protection Film Coverage Areas

Some of the most common areas to protect would be the hood, fenders, mirrors, front bumper, headlights, rocker panels, roof a pillars, rear trunk etc. These areas have been prone to rock chips and other damage. We use state of the art software and graphtec plotters to cut all of our kits. We stock the largest films manufactured so if its a custom kit you are looking for just let us know. Our hood kits cover 18″ to 60″ our bumper kits are usually full wheel to wheel making us the most affordable clear bra kit wholesaler on the market with the best coverage.

Clear Bra Installation Tools

Our clear bra installation tools are the same ones we use on a daily basis. If you would like to install your own clear bra kit we highly recommend purchasing the squeegee, olfa knife and pump spray bottle. It make the installation a lot easier. We do offer the spray bottles to our customers however they are just regular home depot Zep spray bottles and recommend getting your own. If you don’t want the hassle we would be happy to sell you ours.

October 2, 2012

Lamborghini – One of a Kind Legend

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Lamborghini - One of a Kind!

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., not only designs and engineers but also manufactures and distributes luxury sports cars.  Anyone who dreams of owning a one-of-a-kind super car has an expectation of beauty, performance and character. The Lamborghini Club America,  has a tagline that says it all:  Be a Part of the Legend.

Did you know there is a Lamborghini Driving Academy?  It is open to the enthusiasts as well as customers who want the chance to improve their driving.  We’re talking high speeds on a real circuit complete with pit stops!

All that said, if you are a Lamborghini owner, you know that paint protection is paramount.  We have the perfect solution: paint protection  film.  Clear Bra Kits is the largest supplier of 3M and Ventureshield paint protection film products.  Visit our Clear Bra Gallery and see some of our Lamborghini owners and their incredible sports cars.

If you are not a Lamborghini owner, continue to dream.  Dreams can come true and then you’ll know what paint protection  to buy – Clear Bra.

September 18, 2012

This Should Bug You!

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This Should Bug You!

We know that a car bumped with speckled dead bugs on it looks nasty, BUT did you know it is also damaging to the car?  Those tiny bugs can damage the paint as long as they remain on the car.  How?  We’re glad you asked!

As insects decompose, they product certain enzymes intended to eat away the remaining carcass.  While these enzymes are busy breaking down the dead bugs, they are also breaking down the paint.  Now we didn’t tell you this just to bug you, (pun intended), we have the answer to this not so tiny paint protection problem.

Our Clear Bra Kit will protect your front bumper.  Our paint protection solution will not allow the enzymes to damage your paint, thereby saving money.   Visit our website for more information on:

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September 11, 2012

Turn Your Thoughts to Film

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Turn Your Thoughts to Film

How many kinds of film can you think of?  If you’re thinking “movie film” – there are animated films, black-and-white films, documentary films; independent films and don’t forget Internet films, short films and silent films.  If you’re thinking “camera film”  – there is 35mm film, 120 or 220 film and various types of Polaroid film; along with black/white film, color film and slide film, to name a few.   If you’re thinking paint protection film, there is only one you should be thinking of – VentureShield Paint Protection Film.

VentureShield Paint Protection Film is the highest quality clear urethane film.  When it is applied to your cars surface it reduces the damage from stones and highway debris.  If you have several vehicles to protect, we sell VentureShield in bulk rolls, making it very economical.  Check our prices Bulk Paint Protection Film prices!

August 27, 2012

Calling All Corvette Owners

Calling All Corvette Owners

We all know that the Chevrolet Corvette is a sports car by a division of General Motors known as Chevrolet. The first model was designed in 1953 and since then there have been six generations produced.  It was named after the small, maneuverable warship called the “corvette”. What everyone might not know is that Astronaut Alan Shepard was a long time Corvette owner. So were Astronauts Gus Grissom and Gordon Cooper. It is said that in their Corvettes Shepard, Grissom and Cooper pulled each other on skis in the shallow waters of Florida beaches.

August 20, 2012

My Kind of Photo Gallery

My Kind of Photo Gallery
Our Clear Bra Kits have been successfully installed on thousands of vehicles
. While we have only taken the opportunity to capture some of our “beauties”, it is an impressive image collection. Classy coupes, spectacular sports cars and stately sedans, all with one thing in common — Clear Bra protection. Now that’s my kind of photo gallery!

While you click through our Clear Bra installation gallery, notice how the paint protection film kits adhere to the contours of the vehicles painted surfaces providing extremely effective paint protection.

We service a wide selection of manufacturers.See the list below and picture how your vehicle would look in our line up!

Land Rover

Contact us to find the Clear Bra Kit product installer nearest you.

July 26, 2012

Debris on the Road!

Debris on the road
According to Wiki Answers, the United States has in excess of 230 million vehicles on the road today.
 The sheer volume of vehicles is a double-edged sword: first, 230 million vehicles create all kinds of debris on the road, and second, with so many vehicles out there it is difficult (and sometimes even impossible) to clean up the debris created. And it isn’t just rocks and dirt – debris can include plants, branches, leaves, sticks, twigs, nails, screws, glass, shards of plastic and metal, construction supplies, asphalt chips… well, you get the point.

Road debris is a hazard because it can cause damage to your vehicle. At highway speeds, even the smallest debris can be more than simply a nuisance – it can scratch and dent your car or motorcycle. IBIS World reports that the auto body shop industry’s revenue for 2011 was more than $36 billion dollars. Billion with a “B”! And if you can prevent some of that damage with a clear bra paint protection solution, thereby saving money on repair and maintenance bills, why not do it?

With a Clear Bra Kit you have a fighting chance to keep the body of your car preserved. You can protect your hood, front bumper, side mirrors, headlights, fog lights, roof, back bumper, door cups and rocker panels. So next time you head out on the road be aware of your surroundings and rest assured that with our Clear Bra Kit, you are protecting your investment and increasing the life of your vehicle.

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What Customers Are Saying

“The typical bra you strap on can look tacky, stretch out and even worse, ruin your paint! I prefer a 3M Ventureshield paint protection film bra from Clear Bra Kits. I have applied the clear bra on pretty much every part of my car possible, which includes hood, headlights, roof, A-pillars and rear bumper. This is a great company to order from."


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